The Kreyon Workshop

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The first Kreyon Workshop addresses the dynamics of novelties – a fundamental factor in the evolution of human societies, biological systems and technology – with the aim to unfold and quantify the underlying mechanisms through which creativity emerges and innovations diffuse, compete and stabilize.

This workshop will be the opportunity for talks and discussions about ongoing empirical and theoretical work relevant to creativity, novelties and innovation dynamics.

Bringing together perspectives from physics, mathematics, anthropology, linguistics and musicology, the workshop aims at providing an interdisciplinary setting to unveil and quantify the complex ecology around creativity and innovation, especially for sectors, like education, learning, research, social challenges, where creativity and innovation are much needed fuels.

The Workshop is organized by the Kreyon Project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation and supported by Sapienza University of Rome, ISI Foundation and CNR-Institute for Complex Systems.

For more information about Kreyon workshop you can visit our website. Here is a list of speakers and talks:

Luc SteelsCreativity and problem solving
Stefan ThurnerTaking Schumpeter seriously: a simple evolutionary model for innovation
Francesca TriaDynamics on expanding spaces: modeling the emergence of novelties
Jacob ShersonGame based investigation of individual and collective problem solving: towards intelligent machine learning
Andreas Roepstorff, Creative couplings
Thomas FinkAnonymous collaboration and emergent creativity
Ilan ChabayBuilding links and changing cultures for creativity in education
Vito D.P. ServedioOptimal learning Paths in Information Networks
Mirko Degli EspostiUniversality and Creativity in written texts
Francois PachetModeling style from examples